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Join one of our training courses, follow a training together with your organisation, or start with individual coaching. You'll follow in the footsteps of many entrepreneurs, TEDx speakers, teachers, actors and politicians. All of whom were driven by the same goal: to grow as a public speaker and communicator.

Unleash your story

We believe that the time has come for sharing new ideas, robust solutions, and powerful visions. We have experienced that people and teams make more impact if they communicate from their own strength. It often goes wrong, because people are not telling their own story, are affected by numerous impediments, or do not have the faintest idea about which skillset to use to make an impact. We'll help you unleash your story!

Individual Coaching

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Don't believe us, believe them

Coaching for TEDx: phenomenal!
~ David Allen, best-selling author “Getting Things Done”

"I have decades of experience in public speaking, but I have to say the three coaching sessions I had with Joni Bais prior to my TEDx Amsterdam presentation were phenomenal! She's a real pro, and has added significantly to my awareness of great presentations.

“Een opleiding met Impact!”
~ Dick Glastra van Loon, directeur welzijnswerk

"Het team van Great Communicators heeft mij een spiegel voorgehouden en waardevolle adviezen gegeven voor mijn verdere ontwikkeling als spreker. Een opleiding met Impact!"

“Ik heb mijn verhaal echt verbeterd”
~ Miriam Melchers,

"Ik ben Spreken met Impact gestart om te vertellen over mijn internationale carrière. De opleiding heeft mij geïnspireerd om te praten over wat ik echt belangrijk vind: een plant-based lifestyle. In deze periode ben ik ook Plant Ahead gestart. Dankzij de docenten en de groep heb ik mijn verhaal verbeterd en heb ik kunnen testen welke verhaallijn het meeste impact maakt. En dit is pas het begin!"

Online pitch training

Whether it's selling your idea to a client or convincing your team of your proposal, we have to pitch ourselves, our ideas and plans regularly. Nowadays, this often has to be done online. That's an even bigger challenge, because a screen doesn't convey your non-verbal communication well.

During the online pitch training you will learn how to convince others and make them splash off the screen!


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