Storytelling training

Bring your presentation, vision or strategy to life

Have you even attended a presentation and thought: great story, but what are they actually trying to tell me? Or found your thoughts wandering, leaving you with no idea – after the fact – of what was said?
Would you like to know why one story sticks in your mind, allowing you to recreate it years later, while the other just fades away? If you take a close look at the most convincing visions and speeches, they share a common ingredient: storytelling. Whether they be about facts, data or experiences, storytelling is what makes you look for a connection and for meaning.

What do the storytelling training sessions bring you?

During the storytelling training program we go to work with the elements that ensure that your audience will remember what you said. As a storytelling expert, you will have your audience hanging onto your every word.
Our brain is wired in such a way that we only make a meaningful connection with people, companies or products if the story behind them really touches us. Consumers seldom fail to detect a fabricated marketing spiel. Only through storytelling do we really connect with our audience.

After the storytelling training program:

  • You know the elements of a good story.
  • You are able to tell a story quickly and with ease.
  • You are always able to really connect with any type of audience.

Don't take it from us, take it from them

Great Communicators


During the storytelling training sessions, we challenge you to bring your story to life and fill it with meaning, in order to truly make an impact. Through theory, practice, (homework) assignments and visualization exercises, you learn to apply the storytelling skills.

For whom has the Storytelling training program been created?

We believe that those who can present themselves convincingly, make a difference in this day and age. Whether you are a manager, trainer, communications specialist or entrepreneur. As a storytelling expert, you make more of an impact with your corporate story.

Why Great Communicators?

Great Communicators helps people and companies tell their stories with impact. As far as we are concerned, speaking before a group is a surefire way to personal growth. Verbal and non-verbal communication, fears, convictions; these are among the issues you are confronted with when speaking in front of a group. In this day and age, convincing communication makes all the difference.