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Discover our extensive selection of in-company presentation training programs

We, at Great Communicators, believe that people grow exponentially when they learn to communicate clearly and with power. Our training programs therefore always focus on powerful communication. We have an extensive variety of (custom-made) in-company training programs – such as speaking with impact, storytelling, first impressions, giving pitches and female leadership.

Custom-made training programs

We develop day training programs, (half-day) workshops, 90-minute power speeches, program content for events and individual coaching sessions for clients who work in the corporate world, education and in government positions. Below, you will find more about our various training programs.

Contact us to discuss your options and for tailor-made advice.

“Een must voor alle ondernemers”
~ Wendy Edens-de Jongh, ondernemer

"Spreken met Impact is eigenlijk een must voor alle ondernemers. Met hele handige, praktische tips en tools verbeter je je presentatie-performance in korte tijd aanzienlijk. Eenmaal begonnen is er geen weg meer terug en wil je meer, meer en meer!"

“Van fobie naar lol hebben”
~ Sander de Casparis, directeur gezondheidszorg

"Ik begon aan de opleiding met een bijna fobische angst voor spreken in het openbaar. Dat is door Great Communicators compleet veranderd: Ik heb nu lol in het spreken voor groepen!"

“Het heeft mij geweldig geholpen”
~ Claire Boonstra, onderwijsvernieuwer

"Great Communicators heeft mij op meerdere momenten geweldig geholpen. Ik ben jullie enorm dankbaar en kan werkelijk iedereen aanbevelen om met behulp van Great Communicators je verhaal te versterken, verdiepen en nóg beter te maken."

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Storytelling Training

The most convincing visions, fantastic speeches and amazing ideas have one thing in common: they all come packed in a good story. During this training program you learn to master the intricacies of storytelling.

This program can be given both full-day or half-day. Please contact us to discuss the options.


Media Training

When you decide to speak to the media, this is a great opportunity to get your message across to a wider public.

This training program can be organized in a half-day session for smaller and larger groups. Please contact us to discuss your options.