Great Communicators training program for teams

We convert teams into charismatic speakers

About the Great Communicators training program

The Great Communicators training program for teams consists of three basic presentation training sessions. First, we focus on the content of the presentations, next on the speakers themselves and finally we integrate that which has been learned into the professional context. This way, we help teams create powerful content, become charismatic speakers and give impactful presentations.

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What does it bring you?

After following the Great Communicators training program:

  • Your team collaborates more effectively, due to the uniting force of a strong, joint story.
  • Your team communicates with more pleasure and self-confidence.
  • Your team achieves better results, as they are better able to convince their audience and clients.



Preceding every session we give our participants a short preparatory task. For instance, we ask them to write and practice a three-minute story.

Our basic training sessions can be given wherever the client likes. This could be at your office, but we also rent out our own training location in Amsterdam-Oost. From experience, we know that training sessions have more impact when they take place outside the normal work environment. A different environment ensures more focus and attention, which stimulates the development of the teams.

Our training sessions can be given in Dutch as well as in English.

“Het heeft mij geweldig geholpen”
~ Claire Boonstra, onderwijsvernieuwer

"Great Communicators heeft mij op meerdere momenten geweldig geholpen. Ik ben jullie enorm dankbaar en kan werkelijk iedereen aanbevelen om met behulp van Great Communicators je verhaal te versterken, verdiepen en nóg beter te maken."

“We krijgen ons publiek mee”
~ Chris de Stigter, head FLP Center ABN AMRO

"Great Communicators heeft verhalenvertellers van ons gemaakt. De complexe materie uit ons vakgebied kunnen we nu eenvoudig uitleggen en we krijgen ons publiek mee in ons verhaal. De trainingen die wij nu zelf binnen ons bedrijf geven zijn een groot succes en dat is mede te danken aan Great Communicators."

“Nieuwe inzichten en goede energie”
~ Winnie Gebhardt, universitair hoofddocent

"De opleiding Vrouwelijk Leiderschap in Spreken geeft alles wat het belooft. Na de training zeer voldaan naar huis tjokvol nieuwe inzichten en goede energie. Heel veel dank aan de super trainers en warme betrokken andere deelnemers."

For whom has the Great Communicators training program for teams been created?

Only too often we see people with powerful ideas, solutions and visions fail to make the impact they deserve. This could be due to how the story has been set up or to how the speaker appears to feel about it. The audience might also intuit that the speaker is not entirely convinced themself. We teach people to speak from their own power. The people we help, often already have ample experience with communicating. They are ambitious and want to learn how to make maximum impact with their presentations. Our sessions help people come across more powerfully, both when presenting and during their daily communications.

Why Great Communicators?

Great Communicators was founded because we believe that people grow exponentially once we teach them to speak with impact. Within just a few weeks of founding our company, we were approached with the request to coach the speakers of TEDxAmsterdam. These TEDx coaching sessions brought us into contact with a network of CEOs, politicians and scientists – who asked us to provide them with presentation and media coaching. This taught us that, though every speaker is unique, they all face the same challenges.
In order to help cope with these challenges, we developed our own Impact Method, followed by our own training courses. We have since helped thousands of professionals make more impact with their presentations. Especially for organizations, we have now also developed a short program, based on the Impact Method, to help teams communicate with more power. We have worked together with Triodos, The Rijksmuseum, Adyen, RTL, Fairphone, Microsoft, ABN AMRO Bank and Amnesty International.