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Learn to make impactful presentations with your team

Together, we are going through challenging times. In this new situation, we need our communication skills even more. Those who are able to connect with others through communication are becoming even more visible and important. Because – now, more than ever – people want to be transposed, reassured, convinced and inspired by those powerful personalities who dare to provide direction.

We help you and your team make an impact during these challenging and new times, by providing you with the skills to connect with and inspire others through online pitches, presentations and meetings. We teach you to observe even better so that you are able to conduct an online dialogue, rather than merely transmit information.

We teach you and your team:

  • To present yourself and your company powerfully, within one minute.
  • To adapt to your online audience.
  • To be inspiring and increase your charisma.

Online Great Communicators Training Program

The online Great Communicators training program for teams is our best product for teaching you and your team to communicate more powerfully, now.  We help you create clear content and impactful presentations. We turn you into charismatic speakers. The added benefit is that, by doing this together, you increase your team spirit.

The standard online Great Communicators training program consists of:

  •   Step 1. On-Screen Pitch
  •   Step 2. Online Presence
  •   Step 3. Practice What You Preach

These three training sessions can also be booked independently, and can be expanded upon through additional online coaching sessions. You can read more about what they entail, below.


The training sessions take place via Zoom, in small groups, and each lasts 2.5 hours. The participants are given homework in preparation for the sessions.

Step 2. Online Presence

During the second session, we teach you the essence of a powerful, charismatic online presence. We shift the attention from the content, to your qualities as a speaker. Many people think that charisma and self-confidence are something you either have or don’t have. Based on years of experience, we can state with conviction that our method helps everyone develop more self-confidence and charisma. We have defined a number of building blocks that, together, create a solid basis for your online presence. During this session, you learn to consciously manage the first impression you give, because we see the blueprint of your non-verbal communication.

During this session you learn how to employ your verbal and non-verbal communication, so that you can leave your most powerful “calling card” in every situation.


Extra support: online coaching

The online Great Communicators training program can be combined with personal coaching sessions. During these sessions, you work one-on-one, or one-on-two, focusing on issues such as crisis communications, the content of your story, your online presence or fostering more mental resilience.
For optimal results, we recommend three sessions. These take place online, in a secure environment.

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