About Great Communicators

In these times, convincing communication makes all the difference.

We believe that the world is ready for new ideas and powerful speeches! Which is why we help people and companies tell their stories with impact. Speaking in front of a group is, as far as we are concerned, a surefire way to personal growth. Verbal and non-verbal communication, fears, convictions; these are among the issues you are confronted with when speaking in front of a group.

Great Communicators was founded in 2011 by Joni Bais and Bas Janssens. Within just a few weeks of founding our company, we were approached with the request to coach the speakers of TEDxAmsterdam. These TEDx coaching sessions brought us into contact with a network of CEOs, politicians and scientists – who asked us to provide them with presentation and media coaching. This taught us that, though every speaker is unique, they all face the same challenges.

Based on these coaching sessions, we developed our own Impact Method. This method helps us teach people to speak and present with impact. We use it for our one-on-one presentation training courses, presentation training courses for professionals, presentation training courses for executives and presentation training courses for teams. Since then, we have used it to help thousands of professionals speak with confidence and impact in public.