Pitch training

Four simple steps towards powerful and convincing pitches

Many people erroneously assume that only salespersons need a pitch. Take a moment to consider the following: did you share an idea, conviction or product with someone today? Maybe something simple, like an idea during a meeting? Chances are great that you have. These are all little pitches. Imagine if, in most cases, you succeeded in convincing the person you were talking to. That would make life a lot easier!
We do not doubt that anyone can learn to give a pitch. During our pitch training program, you learn to create a persuasive pitch, so that you always have one ready in case you need to convince someone.

What will it bring you?

In just one day, we help teams create a powerful company pitch. As a participant, you learn what you need to do in order to powerfully present yourself and your organization in just one minute. This will always come in handy for new business meetings, receptions, or when you want to do some relaxed networking at an event.

We help you achieve the following:

  • You know what the main ingredients are of a powerful 1-minute pitch.
  • You always have a powerful pitch at the ready.
  • Your professionality increases, as you know how to give a clear pitch of your idea, conviction or product.


During the pitch training sessions, we teach you how to create a powerful and convincing pitch in four simple steps.

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Workshop en Training Spreken in het openbaar - waarom is een bewuste houding zo belangrijk?


Great Communicators was founded because we believe that people grow exponentially, both professionally and personally, when they master the intricacies of public speaking. We are convinced that every speaker is unique, but that everyone who has to make a presentation is faced with the same challenges. In order to help them deal with these, we have developed our own Impact Method.

This method forms the basis for our courses, coaching sessions and training programs for teams. Our theories, interventions and tools help people speak with confidence and impact. We stimulate your development as a speaker at three levels: Performance, Psychology and Presence. This goes far beyond teaching you tricks; we help you truly realize a change within yourself. Click here to learn more about our method.

For whom has the Pitch Training Program been created?

The pitch training program has been created for people who want to present their idea, conviction or product more often. For people who want to be to-the-point, powerful and full of self-confidence when giving their pitch.
The pitch training program is also part of ……. Click here for more information on the training program.

Why Great Communicators?

Only too often, we see ideas, solutions and visions lose their impact during the course of a presentation. This is often due to a clumsily-constructed story, unclear communication or insecurity of the speaker. In order to help speakers make maximum impact with their message, we have developed our own method: “Speaking with Impact”. Our thorough, bold approach has helped thousands of speakers, professionals and companies. We have worked together with a.o. TEDx, Triodos, The Rijksmuseum, RTL, Microsoft and Amnesty International.