Speaking with impact

Learn to speak with impact in this 2-day course

Learn how to make more of an impact

Speaking in front of a group of people in a relaxed manner with a good and compelling story. You know exactly where to place the emphasis so that it sticks. Your preparation is thorough and you know how to manage the stress associated with a performance. In fact, you turn stress into focus. You can be yourself in front of a group and you make a big impression. You are capable of conveying your message authentically and clearly.

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More than tips and tricks

Many presentation training courses only focus on the performance aspect. You learn tips and tricks for expressing yourself more effectively. This is essential, but we go two steps further. You see, Speaking with Impact is about your identity. The stronger you feel, the more powerful your message is. Hence the Speaking with Impact course consisting of three elements: Performance, Psychology and Presence. These elements are interwoven throughout the whole course.


Structure of the programme

The Speaking with Impact course consists of two full days. Short theory modules are alternated with practical presentation and speaking exercises. We take an active approach and step out of our comfort zones, which facilitates rapid learning!

Julika Marijn
Public Speaking Coach

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We believe that people who are able to present themselves convincingly make the difference in these times. Whether you are a manager, trainer, entrepreneur, official or consultant.
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Lots of new skills and knowledge
~ Pom Zwart, Event Director Europe Nike

"After finishing the training, my mission to be able to enjoy public speaking, is accomplished. I gained a lot of technical skills and personal insights. Very helpful in delivering a strong performance in front of a group."

This training inspired me
~ Miriam Melchers, letsplantahead.com

"I wanted to speak in public about my international career. But this training inspired me to talk about something very important to me personally: a plant-based lifestyle. I started my own company. And this is just the beginning!"

Coaching for TEDx: phenomenal!
~ David Allen, best-selling author “Getting Things Done”

"I have decades of experience in public speaking, but I have to say the three coaching sessions I had with Joni Bais prior to my TEDx Amsterdam presentation were phenomenal! She's a real pro, and has added significantly to my awareness of great presentations."

For whom

We believe that people who are able to present themselves convincingly make the difference in these times. Whether you are a manager, trainer, entrepreneur, official, or consultant. If communication is an important part of your day-to-day work, then this training is suitable for you.


The training course includes two personal coaching sessions. That way, you get even more out of the training and you work on your personal goals with your own coach. We will identify a suitable coach for you depending on your needs and goals. The investment for the Speaking with Impact course, coupled with the coaching package, is € 1.450 (excl. VAT.)

Without coaching

We would like to ensure our training courses remain accessible so people can be introduced to our methodology. We have therefore opted to offer the Speaking with Impact course without coaching for € 950 (excl. VAT).

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About the trainer


Julika Marijn
Public Speaking Coach

She is practical and driven, and with her compassionate yet critical approach, Julika helps you take your performance and your story to the next level.

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How? By helping you feel free on stage. Because then everything becomes more enjoyable to do and more pleasant to watch. Julika is highly experienced. Since completing her studies at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, she is a successful stage actress in her own solo performances. In addition, she is a presenter and day chair.