Summer School

"Become a great communicator"

July 7

Are you ready to step into the light?


About the Summer School

The Summer School: Become a Great Communicators! consists of three basic presentation elements. First, we focus on the content of presentations, then on you as a speakers yourself and finally we integrate that which has been learned into the context. This way, we help you to create powerful content, become charismatic speakers and give impactful presentations.



This summer we have planned a new English open enrollment training. This trajectory consists of one training day (with a group) and one individual coaching session. The training has been validated for the last three years with incompany presentation trainings.

When: The training is scheduled on the 7th of July from 10:00 - 17:00.

The first part of the day we will mainly focus on storytelling, we will cover:

  • How grab and hold the attentions of your audience’s with your story.
  • What style elements form the basis for a good story.
  • How to apply style elements to the entire content of what you are present or write.

The second part of the day will focus on "performance", we will cover:

  • How you effectively employ your power as a speaker.
  • How to connect with your audience.
  • Powerful presentation body language.
  • Tools for effectively deal with tension.
  • How to find the balance between being in touch with yourself and with your audience.
  • How to make smart choices between sharing your expertise and connecting with your audience experience and understanding.

If you feel like it, we will offer a nice boat trip through the canals for those interested in joining us (of course, this depends on the weather).

The coaching session can be scheduled afterwards at a desired date and time and will last for 1,5 hours.


What does it bring you?


After following the Summer School program:

  • Make an impact on every audience with your presentations
  • Build a strong story for a product, brand or company
  • Turn your stress into focus before a presentation


This course consists of one full day of training and one personal coaching of 1,5 hours.
Prior to the session we give our participants a short preparatory assignement. For example, we ask them to write and practice a three-minute story.


This trajectory will cost €850,- excl. VAT.


The training takes place at our training location Great Spaces at Commelinstraat 2 in Amsterdam. During the training days, we provide coffee, tea, drinks, (healthy) snacks and an extensive lunch.

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