Individual coaching

TED-worthy presenting and pitching with individual coaching

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is suitable for speakers who want to work on a specific presentation or pitch, or want to work on a specific issue they are experiencing.

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For example: fear of public speaking, clumsy non-verbal communication or limiting beliefs.

In addition, individual coaching is also suitable for speakers who wish to excel in a specific area, such as mental preparation, storytelling, verbal or non-verbal communication.

Individual coaching is suitable for both beginners and experienced speakers. We can determine how many sessions someone needs during the first coaching session. This is usually between 1 and 6 sessions, depending on the learning objectives.

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Last Minute Coaching

We often receive requests from speakers who need to deliver large presentations at very short notice. Help is then required with substantive and mental preparation.

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We work on story lines, presentation skills and mental preparation. All this to make a greater impact with your presentation and to be self-assured on stage.

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Our methodology

A lot of presentation coaches only focus on the performance aspect. You'll learn tips and tricks for expressing yourself more effectively. This is essential, but we go two steps further. We believe that speaking with impact is about your identity. The stronger you feel, the more powerful your message is. Examining your psychology and strengthening your presence are part of that.



All the skills you can learn to master the art: storytelling, vocalisation, breathing, body posture, as well as more advanced skills for the experienced trainer.


What do you think of yourself, your audience and your subject? And are these subjects ‘fluid’, or are there still blockages? Our coaches have undergone various types of training and can help you conquer these beliefs, or conversely, strengthen them with mental strategies.


A connection with your audience. A passion for your subject. The master of your subject matter. If you succeed in all this, you will notice that your presence expands. You are yourself and in the moment more and more. We can work on this during coaching with specific interventions.

This training inspired me
~ Miriam Melchers,

"I wanted to speak in public about my international career. But this training inspired me to talk about something very important to me personally: a plant-based lifestyle. I started my own company. And this is just the beginning!"

Lots of new skills and knowledge
~ Pom Zwart, Event Director Europe Nike

"After finishing the training, my mission to be able to enjoy public speaking, is accomplished. I gained a lot of technical skills and personal insights. Very helpful in delivering a strong performance in front of a group."

Coaching for TEDx: phenomenal!
~ David Allen, best-selling author “Getting Things Done”

"I have decades of experience in public speaking, but I have to say the three coaching sessions I had with Joni Bais prior to my TEDx Amsterdam presentation were phenomenal! She's a real pro, and has added significantly to my awareness of great presentations."