Summer School Masterclass VOICE – in English

Eva Wilms
17 mei 2018

Expand your knowledge & skills during summer!

We are organising our Summer School for the second time this summer due to it being a resounding success. Our master classes are intended for anyone who is interested in brushing up on their knowledge of broadly applicable areas and would like to do so during the summer months.


We arranged a masterclass in English: VOICE!


August 17th – Summer School master class VOICE – by Eva Wilms

Everyone knows that vocalisation, intonation and volume play an essential role in speaking. However, not all (potential) speakers know how to utilise and influence their own voices optimally. A tired or hoarse voice after a few hours of speaking, unclear articulation, breathing problems, or tension are a few common problems that can be experienced during (prolonged) speaking.

In the space of one day, Eva Wilms, who has years of experience as a Voice Coach, will provide you with tools for tailoring your vocalisation to your audience or the context within which you are operating. From awareness to technical instruments; the Summer School VOICE master class is the perfect training course for speakers who want to learn everything about the colour, volume, tempo and melody of their vocalisation during an intensive day.

For whom

The Summer School was established for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in specific aspects of speaking. It is a useful addition to the training courses we offer, but you are just as welcome if you have not undergone any prior training!


You can book this single master class in English for just: € 290.- (excl. VAT.)


Our Summer School master classes are held at Great Spaces, a prestigious location in Amsterdam-Oost. This master class is sceduled on August 17th, and lasts the whole day – from 10:00 – 17:00 – we provide a delicious lunch and a drink at the end of the day.

Register now

Register for this Summer School master class here. Please contact us if you have any queries or need advice.

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